Mahadev Cometo & K-soul
@ The SommerResidenz, Basel

sommerresidenz we are openMahadev Cometo presented his new album «Freedom» topped with K-soul’s holokinetic paintings.

Sunday, Aug 6, 2017, 21:00, Basel,
at the very special SommerResidenz

Mahadev Cometo : sitar, electronics
K-soul : holokinetic partition / paintings

Details, s. Event-List

BAZ, Tagestipps, Aug 5, 2017 [pdf, 170 Kb]
Message to the BAZ:
No, Mahadev is not born in Wales, s. BIO
…and «.com» is our TLD, not «.ch»

All pics, except the first, thanx to Facebook Sommerresidenz