Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band
In Paradise !

August 26, 2017
1845 Noville, Aigle
At the Jardin Instinctif
Details, s Event-List (Aug 26, 2017)

Pics From Mich Gerber’s Facebook Page

Pics shot by Barbara Hell on this very special evening.
Portraits (left to right):
Andy Pupato – percussion
Wolfi Zwiauer – mandocello
Mahadev Cometo – sitar
Mich Gerber – double bass.

1’001 thanx to Barbara – michgerber.ch
More pics on Mich Gerber’s Official Facebook-Page |  FB-pics

All pics (c) barbara@michgerber.ch

The All Star Jam Band on Stage
as seen by a shaky android cameraman

… Instinctif …

YouTube ~15 min., uploaded by « platronyme »