Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra
Video of part 4 « Jhala »

Video, October 2018, by Trig Fardust – claudesteiner.ch | YouToube Channel
Music: Mahadev Cometo

« Jhala », part 4 of Mahadev Cometo’s last album « Freedom ».
Listen all tracks and/or buy the album here « Freedom ».

Thank you very much Trig Fardust for your video, I love it !!!

« Jhala, झाला is a term in Hindustani classical music which denotes the fast-paced conclusions of classical compositions or raga. It is often characterized by the overwhelming of the melodic component by the rhythmic component. This is sometimes effected by the rapid striking together of the chikari between notes »,
– says Wikipedia.