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Mother Teresa & Me – film 2022

Mother Teresa & Me Poster

© Mother Teresa & Me

A film about love and compassion inspired by the life of Mother Teresa.

A movie by Kamal Musale with Banita Sandhu, Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz and Deepti Naval. Switzerland, India, United Kingdom 2022 – 122 min.


This is a premium
For the first time ever, Mahadev Cometo is booked as an actor. On the screen we can see him playing his own role: a charismatic sitar player.
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Ghost Festival 2020ss



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2020: Digitalist and Mahadev Cometo

Digitalist & Friends: Ethereal Compositions

Another Dimension Music▲
Transformation of matter annihilation

A very special collaboration from
Digitalist and Mahadev Cometo.

click to enlarge!

From eternal spaces the frequencies comes to annihilate matter fetters on our Planet. Straight outta neverland dimension to union us into the void infinity depth of the Universe . Unravel the Mysteries of 12 Tracks where dreams come out from the darkness in a realm of album weaves layered stories span wide stretches of time and space into eternal compositions.

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Laser Nomad – Le Club 44, Sept. 2020 – After the show

LASER NOMAD LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS / Invisibility and Omnipresence

After the show

Nomad – Le Club 44, La Chaux-de-Fonds, 10 Sept. 2020.
Location and more infos, s. Events on this site.

« …We will explore the links between art and science through an exhibition, a talk and a concert. The 2020s of the 21st century have apparently wrecked our experience of the normality.
Invisibility and Omnipresence refers here, among other possibilities, to organisms / parasites / viruses, perceptions (virtuality, augmented or not), social and territorial prejudices (racisms), or our biosphere for example. What are the major challenges waiting for us in such context ? What will be the new normality ? Where is the reality, is it a virtual construction ? Which is the role of consciousness in such context ? … »
Luca Forcucci: Chair & Exhibition (ubqtlab.org)
Full text [pdf, 360 kb]

Read the full article by Jeremy Narby,
anthropologist and project manager at nouvelle-planete.ch
LE CAS COVID-19 (in French):
Invisibilité et omniprésence: Le cas Covid-19 [pdf, 140 kb]


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Erika Stucky, yodel california, La Liberté July 2020

Erika Stucky
Un opéra transatlantique

Erika Stuck - TYG

«Son blues est alpestre, son art composite. La Valaisanne est lauréate du Grand prix suisse de musique», – Thierry Raboud, La Liberté.

«Un jour, Al Comet des Young Gods est venu vers moi et m’a dit: enfin un yodel suisse que j’aime, débarrassé de ce côté poussiéreux-cervelas-Blocher… Il m’a remercié de l’avoir ouvert à ses propres racines, ce qui m’a beaucoup ému. Il faut parfois quelqu’un de l’extérieur pour montrer ce qu’il y a de beau chez soi»
Erika Stucky

La Liberté, 14.07.2020, Thierry Raboud:
Erika Stucky – Reine du yodel déjanté [PDF, 50 KB]

Watch the video clip « Lioba »
from Mahadev’s album Sitarday, released 2000,
to get the idea…

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Mahadev Cometo – Live at Subah-e-Banaras – Raag BAIRAGI


Live at Subah-e-Banaras, Varanasi

Remix March 2020 by Mahadev Cometo.

Live at Subah-e-Banaras 2015

Big pic – click!

As stated in Nepal-India, 2015, «Subah-e-Banaras» is more than an early yoga meeting at Assi Ghat, Varanasi. See text below.

Get the new remix at Bandcamp for a few rupees  and relax…

Peace, Love & Rock’n’Roll!

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Substanz -Dosis, Kosmos ZH, live Jan 2020


Konzert, Trockener Januar
Kosmos ZH im Klub, Jan 24, 2020

… ein Abend wie ein LSD-Trip. Ohne Substanzen fliegen lernen. Mit Licht und Klang sorgen verschiedene psychedelische Künstler*innen dafür, dass der Teppich im Klub zu fliegen beginnt…

– Organ Tempel | Opening Ritual & Performance
– Trees Talk | High-Poetry & Soundscapes
– Mahadev Cometo aka Al Comet (Young Gods) | Live-Sitar-Konzert
– Trig Fardust Van Nutt | Live-Visual–Show – claudesteiner.ch

Details, s. Events

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Mahadev Cometo – Olivier Havran, Le Belvédère, Oct. 2019

Mahadev Cometo – Olivier Havran

Jean Michel Borcard « L’asile du baron »
Lecture: Olivier Havran – Music: Mahadev Cometo
Café Belvédère, Fribourg, 13.10.2019

Another challenging performance by Olivier Havran and Mahadev Cometo.
This time at the Café Belvédère, Fribourg.
– a great sono guaranteed!

Please, remove the spotlight in front of Olivier during the lecture;-


More about Michel Borcard, L’asile du baron, Olivier Havran and Mahadev, – on this site.

Superterz & Mahadev Cometo – Inland Empire

Superterz & Mahadev Cometo
Inland Empire – CD Teaser

Animation: Dirk Koy, July 2019

More infos, s. Events with the NZZ-Feuillton (15.01.2020)
or on this site superterz-inland-empire-nzz-feuilleton-jan-2020

Olivier Havran & Mahadev Cometo – Librairie de cap et de mots

Olivier Havran & Mahadev Cometo

Jean Michel Borcard « L’asile du baron »
Edition: Torticolis et frères

Lecture: Olivier Havran
Music: Mahadev Cometo

Librairie de cap et de mots
Bulle, 17.05.2019

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