Digitalist & Friends: Ethereal Compositions

Another Dimension Music▲
Transformation of matter annihilation

A very special collaboration from
Digitalist and Mahadev Cometo.

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From eternal spaces the frequencies comes to annihilate matter fetters on our Planet. Straight outta neverland dimension to union us into the void infinity depth of the Universe . Unravel the Mysteries of 12 Tracks where dreams come out from the darkness in a realm of album weaves layered stories span wide stretches of time and space into eternal compositions.

Video by Digitalist

Music © Mahadev Cometo and Thomas Digitalist.
Pre-mix on:  «Fri-Son 2015 – Drone View»


Mahadev Cometo: Ganga River 4.4D – Track 10

The Compositions

01 Digitalist – Ethereal Compositions
02 Digitalist and Eitonin – Monster’s Ball
03 Digitalist and Makumba – Multiplexer
04 Digitalist feat Bodhi – Roll Down The Hill
05 Digitalist and Silent Horror – Chaoz Engine
06 Digitalist and Karran – Ludokick
07 Digitalist and Sator Arepo – Chicken Rolls
08 Digitalist and Malkaviam – Ultrasecret CIA Deepweb KGB
09 Digitalist and Ectogasmics – Hybrid Creatures
10 Digitalist and Al Comet – Ganga River 4.4D
11 Digitalist & Peyoceps – Terramorph (Bonus)
12 Digitalist – Eth3real Outback (Bonus)

Digitalist & Friends – Ethereal Compositions
Managed by Ablepsy & Netz
Artwork by Ahankara
Mastering by Tim Schuldt@4CN Studios
Catalog №: ADMCD011

Released : Dec 20, 2020

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