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The New Album Is Out.
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Mahadev Cometo & K-soul – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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Mahadev Cometo and K-soul, St. Saphorin 2018

Mahadev Cometo & K-soul
Festival «Vent d’Anges»,
St. Saphorin, Sept. 22, 2018.
Playing at the very center of St. Saph,
Place des peuplier, – to be more specific.

Open and Free, yeah!

Mahadev Cometo: sitar, electronics
K-soul: holokinetic paintings

les assassins 2018

Or citing 24heures:
“Récent Assassin, «Duja» veut faire rocker Saint-Saph.”
– and no doubt, they rocked it!
– and the mayor bought the picture!

Pic of St. Saph, s. EVENTS
Flyer with all gigs of the festival

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Mahadev Cometo & K-soul, Heitere Fahne, BE, 2017

– what else!

Mahadev Cometo & K-soul @ Heitere Fahne, Dec 1st, 2017

Half an year after playing with Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band at the Heitere Fahne, back again at the «Idealkiste» presenting his new album «Freedom» boosted by K-souls’ holokinetic paintings.
Ein steiler Freitag, – indeed!

heiterefahne.ch  die Idealistenkiste, Wabern.
Mahadev Cometo: sitar, electronics
K-soul: holokinetic paintings
s. Event-List

heitere fahne, BE

Big thanks to Rahel, Cyril, Oliver and everybody at the Heitere Fahne.
I enjoyed the concert very much and especially the high level of the audience’s attention.

Big respect – thank you all.

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Mahadev Cometo & K-soul, Sedel LU, 2017

Freedom – In the Former Prison of Luzern

Image of the Sedel (in blue)

Boa im Sedel, Luzern, Sept 29, 2017
Mahadev Cometo: sitar & electronics
K-soul: holokinetic paintings

More in the Event-List

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Mahadev Cometo & K-soul, Tour Vagabonde, 2017

The Magic of « La Tour Vagabonde »

Mahadev Cometo & K-soul @ La Tour Vagabonde,
Fribourg, Sept 9, 2017

Mahadev Cometo presenting his new album « Freedom »
boosted by K-soul’s holokinetic paintings!

Below extracts of Mahadev playing «Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra»:
Alap, Masitkhani gat, Razakhani gat and Jhala,
– plus an extra Jhala-Fadeout (clip #7).

Details: Event-List

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Mahadev Cometo & K-soul, Basel 2017

Mahadev Cometo & K-soul
@ The SommerResidenz, Basel

sommerresidenz we are openMahadev Cometo presented his new album «Freedom» topped with K-soul’s holokinetic paintings.

Sunday, Aug 6, 2017, 21:00, Basel,
at the very special SommerResidenz

Mahadev Cometo : sitar, electronics
K-soul : holokinetic partition / paintings

Details, s. Event-List

BAZ, Tagestipps, Aug 5, 2017 [pdf, 170 Kb]
Message to the BAZ:
No, Mahadev is not born in Wales, s. BIO
…and «.com» is our TLD, not «.ch»

All pics, except the first, thanx to Facebook Sommerresidenz

Freedom by Mahadev Cometo & K-soul


Fenalet, Bex, 25 juin 2017

Mahadev Cometo : sitar, électronique
K-soul : partition holocinétique de lumière
jardincosmique.com | holithographe.com

➝ Video :: Full Screen :: Full Blast !

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Location, s. Event: June 24, 2017

Typique – Tripique – Triptyque

Mahadev Cometo at the laboratory «Jardin Cosmique»

Playing Raag «Shivaranjani Super Mishra». Details: Album Freedom,
June 24, 2017 at jardincosmique.com

Mahadev Cometo, sitar,
K-soul, holokinetic lights

Solar fusion between indian tradition and and holokinetic projections.

Jod Ruletka, DJ Deep Nails et Duja: “Le survivant”
A collective fusion of painting, music, and poetry
Text and voice: Duja, music: Deep Nails, live painting: Jod

Solex & Julien Monti: “Le Hêtre”
1000 flutes of Julien Monti and the metaphysical transhumances of Solex.
Visual: K-soul

typique tripique triptyque

Click shows big pic


Invitation Clip

more: Freedom by Mahadev Cometo & K-soul

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