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Productions & Remixes – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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2020: Digitalist and Mahadev Cometo

Digitalist & Friends: Ethereal Compositions

Another Dimension Music▲
Transformation of matter annihilation

A very special collaboration from
Digitalist and Mahadev Cometo.

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From eternal spaces the frequencies comes to annihilate matter fetters on our Planet. Straight outta neverland dimension to union us into the void infinity depth of the Universe . Unravel the Mysteries of 12 Tracks where dreams come out from the darkness in a realm of album weaves layered stories span wide stretches of time and space into eternal compositions.

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2009: Snapshots Vol 1, A-Poetik – Locote

Snapshots Vol. 1

Produced by Al Comet

The bands on Snapshots Vol.1 are the finest electronic music from Switzerland : Love Motel, Al Comet, Jok, A-Poetic, Sparga, Nixx, Le Lab, Size et J. Lang, the cd is full of electro, house, lounge, drum’n’bass, hip-hop and breakbeat.

Les artistes présents sur cette première sortie sont la crème de la musique électronique suisse : Love Motel, Al Comet, Jok, A-Poetic, Sparga, Nixx, Le Lab, Size et J. Lang, la ligne musicale de « Snapshots Vol. 1 » est principalement : electro, house, lounge, drum’n’bass, hip-hop et breakbeat.
Le label se donne pour mission, entre autre, de promouvoir ses artistes sur les scènes suisses et européennes ainsi que de développer les meilleures musiques électroniques de sa région.

Snapshots Vol 1
Various Artists
Label: Helvet Underground
Released: 2009.

Project created by Luca Forcucci in 1997 with poetry and electronic music.
The record was produced by Al Comet.
Track 15: Remix by Al Comet

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2008: TYG – Stay With Us, rmx

The Young Gods – Stay With Us

« Stay With Us » remix, 2008

This is a minimal “sitar and voice” version that is only available on the vinyl version of Knock on wood, The Young Gods, 2008.
Here we present the digital version.

TYG, Stay with Us, rmx by Al Comet

Al Comet: guitar sitar
Franz Treichler: voice and fx

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2005: Paganini – Resurrection

Paganini – Resurrection, 2005

Alain Monod: Editing
Al Comet: Sound Effects

paganini - ressurection cover paganini - bastard, cover back

Album : Resurrection
Artist : Paganini
Released : October 25, 2005
Label : Pazouzou Records – CD666 (Independent)
Format : CD, Album, Compilation, Digipak
Hard Rock, Switzerland

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2003: Les Tambours Du Bronx, rmx

Les Tambours Du Bronx

Stéréostress, 2003, remix

French percussionists «Les Tambours Du Bronx» have made their trademark with drumming on oil barrels, with little accompanying sounds. Live they line up in half a circle with the leader (Le Chef Tambour) in the middle. The resulting music is obviously more rhythmical than melodic.

Tanbours du Bronx, Cover

Artists: Les Tambours Du Bronx
Album: Stéréostress
Label: Naïve ‎– NV48711, TBD Prod ‎– TBD0301
Format: CD, Album

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2002: Various Artists, Disc 2

Various Artists, Disc 2

A compilation of various artists, 2002
by Paradigm Associated Labels

cd cover cd cover back

Various Artists, Disc 2
Paradigm Associated Labels
New York, 2002

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2001: A-Poetik – 300’000km

A-Poetik – 300’000 km

Produced by Al Comet, July 2001

A Poetik 300'000km - produced by Al Comet

A-Poetik – 300’000 km
Released in July 2001 during the Montreux Jazz festival

Project created by a-poetik in 1997 with poetry and electronic music.
Produced and realized by Al Comet / Engineered by Al Comet & Bertrand Siffert @ Relief studio.
Released in July 2001 during the Montreux Jazz festival..

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