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Sitar Electro Ambient – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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Substanz -Dosis, Kosmos ZH, live Jan 2020


Konzert, Trockener Januar
Kosmos ZH im Klub, Jan 24, 2020

… ein Abend wie ein LSD-Trip. Ohne Substanzen fliegen lernen. Mit Licht und Klang sorgen verschiedene psychedelische Künstler*innen dafür, dass der Teppich im Klub zu fliegen beginnt…

– Organ Tempel | Opening Ritual & Performance
– Trees Talk | High-Poetry & Soundscapes
– Mahadev Cometo aka Al Comet (Young Gods) | Live-Sitar-Konzert
– Trig Fardust Van Nutt | Live-Visual–Show

Details, s. Events

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Master Margherita and Mahadev Cometo – live @ Psy-Fi, 2018

Master Margherita and Mahadev Cometo
– live @ Psy-Fi, 16th Aug 2018

Raag Marva – s. Events


Boom Festival 2018


Mahadev Cometo & Master Margherita
Playing Raag Marva
Sacred Fire 13 – Boom Festival 2018

Listen on Boom Radio [50:27]


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Mahadev Cometo live – Ondulor 30 – Geneva

Mahadev Cometo
Sitar supersonique, live
@ Ondulor #30, Geneva

Duplex Walden Club
9, rue des Amis, Genève
Thursday, dec 28, 2017

Uploaded to YouTube by POL Sinus, 3.01.208

Details: Event 28.12.2017

HOUSE OF SOUND – Part 1 Bairagi


Part 1: Bairagi – A Hindustani Classical Raag

A Vilayat Sitar Recording Session at Planete Mars Studio, Sept 2017:

More on Mahadev Cometo’s  YouTube Channel

» Master Margherita & Mahadev Cometo playing Swar Mandala Marwa.

Master Margherita & Mahadev Cometo – Swar Mandala Marwa

Svar Mandala Marva

In collaboration with Mahadev Cometo, an extraordinary sitar player and eclectic musician, we are creating a new world music album that will be out in 2018 – Master Margherita.

From Master Margherita’s YouTube Channel

Marly, Switzerland, Sept 25, 2017

» HOUSE OF SOUND – Part 1 Bairagi

Sitar-Yoga with Tonia Schilling

Ambient Healing Electro

Tonia Schilling

Tonia Schilling

At the solstice, Tonia Schilling and Al Comet, brought together interested folks at 5:30 a.m. for a morning yoga sitar-session in Freiburg (2015).

The shared pleasure was total. They will renew as much as possible those moments of well-being.

More about the founder of the Tonia Schilling Company mainly based on the Methode Dance the Essential

 See « Morning Yoga » at the «Tour Vagabonde»,
Le Jardin aux Betteraves, FR, June 21, 2014

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