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The New Album Is Out.
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Mahadev-Cometo – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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Very Wild Card für Superterz feat. Mahadev Cometo #2, 2017

The Journey to Amygdala

Superterz feat. Mahadev Cometo
@ Photobastei, Oct 13, 2017

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Amygdala Animated Gif

Amygdala : Wikipedia
Click shows big pic

Marcel Vaid: guitar, electronics, drums
Ravi Vaid: electronics
Simon Berz: drums, electroacoustic sounds
Koho Mori-Newton: voice & NoiZe
Mahadev Cometo: sitar & NoiZe

Details: Event-List

Amygdala, located deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans …  to perform a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions :: Wikipedia

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Very Wild Card für Superterz feat. Mahadev Cometo, 2017

Majestic Noises from Outer Chaos

Superterz feat. Mahadev Cometo
@ Photobastei, Sept 30, 2017

Mahadev Cometo PlayingMarcel Vaid: guitar, electronics
Ravi Vaid: electronics
Chris Jaeger: percussion
Koho Mori-Newton: voice & NoiZe
Mahadev Cometo: sitar & NoiZe
Details: Event-List

As noted years ago…

« If the foxes stalk in the dark quarters of the city on quiet paws – when the birds chirp “Good-Night” to the starry sky and only the unobtrusive noise of the Limmat can be heard behind the station, – it is time for Superterz. »

« Wenn die Füchse auf leisen Pfoten durch die dunklen Quartiere der Stadt pirschen, wenn die Vögel in Richtung Sternenhimmel «gutnacht» zwitschern und hinter dem Bahnhof nur noch das unaufdringliche Rauschen der Limmat zu hören ist, dann ist es Zeit für Superterz. »

stadtsommer.ch – 2008 ZurichPresse 2008 [PDF, 1.7 Mb]

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Master Margherita & Mahadev Cometo – Swar Mandala Marwa

Svar Mandala Marva

In collaboration with Mahadev Cometo, an extraordinary sitar player and eclectic musician, we are creating a new world music album that will be out in 2018 – Master Margherita.

From Master Margherita’s YouTube Channel

Marly, Switzerland, Sept 25, 2017

» HOUSE OF SOUND – Part 1 Bairagi

«FREEDOM» – Released

Release Party – The Day After

  • . merci à Priscilla, Ram Kumar Mishra, Daniel pour la magnifique performance
  • .. merci à l’équipe du Souffleur Benoit ..Nelly ..Paola
  • … pour les pop korn au curry et les délicieux pakoras
  • …. merci Luigi pour la technique et le super son
  • ….. merci à Claude qui pilote le requin volant
  • ….. merci à Suzanne qui m’a sauvé la vie au stand du Meurtch
  • ….. et ….
  • …. un grand merci à vous tous et toutes
  • … qui êtes venus si nombreux hier soir
  • .. fêter cet événement
  • . suis méga content


s. Event – Freedom Release | Album Freedom

Gauri गौरी Priscilla Brülhart – Kathak dance

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Starship Mark 2

Ready to fly !

Urban Spa, Fribourg, s. event

31.05.2017: Album FREEDOM Release
Villars-sur-Glâne, s. event

Indian Vibes, Pully, s. event

Laboratoire Jardin Cosmique, Bex, s. event

Playing with Superterz

Insomina Sessions Flyer

Great fun playing with Superterz at the Insomnia-Sessions at the photobastei.ch
Jan 21 and 29, 2017

Details, please check these events:
Day 21 | Day 29

The Very Wild Card session, Sept 30, 2017

@0:38 … participants …

Concert Assighat Varanasi 2014

Mahadev Cometo & Jean-Louis Gafner

2nd India Tour, November 2014
Extract of a concert in Varanasi, Assi Ghat, facing the Ganga river,
Nov 1st, 2014. More in the Gallery Nepal-India.


click shows big pic

Concert given 3 years earlier, at the same place, during the 1st stay in India,  november 2011:
» Raag Shivaranjani part 1
» Raag Shivaranjani part 2
» Raag Shivaranjani part 3

Listen to « Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra » on the new album FREEDOM, released 2017.

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