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The New Album Is Out.
Grab it here!

Mahadev Cometo – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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Very Wild Card für Superterz feat. Mahadev Cometo, 2017

Majestic Noises from Outer Chaos

Superterz feat. Mahadev Cometo
@ Photobastei, Sept 30, 2017

Mahadev Cometo PlayingMarcel Vaid: guitar, electronics
Ravi Vaid: electronics
Chris Jaeger: percussion
Koho Mori-Newton: voice & NoiZe
Mahadev Cometo: sitar & NoiZe
Details: Event-List

As noted years ago…

« If the foxes stalk in the dark quarters of the city on quiet paws – when the birds chirp “Good-Night” to the starry sky and only the unobtrusive noise of the Limmat can be heard behind the station, – it is time for Superterz. »

« Wenn die Füchse auf leisen Pfoten durch die dunklen Quartiere der Stadt pirschen, wenn die Vögel in Richtung Sternenhimmel «gutnacht» zwitschern und hinter dem Bahnhof nur noch das unaufdringliche Rauschen der Limmat zu hören ist, dann ist es Zeit für Superterz. »

stadtsommer.ch – 2008 ZurichPresse 2008 [PDF, 1.7 Mb]

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Master Margherita & Mahadev Cometo – Swar Mandala Marwa

Svar Mandala Marva

In collaboration with Mahadev Cometo, an extraordinary sitar player and eclectic musician, we are creating a new world music album that will be out in 2018 – Master Margherita.

From Master Margherita’s YouTube Channel

Marly, Switzerland, Sept 25, 2017

» HOUSE OF SOUND – Part 1 Bairagi

Mahadev Cometo & K-soul, Sedel LU, 2017

Freedom – In the Former Prison of Luzern

Image of the Sedel (in blue)

Boa im Sedel, Luzern, Sept 29, 2017
Mahadev Cometo: sitar & electronics
K-soul: holokinetic paintings

More in the Event-List

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Mahadev Cometo & K-soul, Tour Vagabonde, 2017

The Magic of « La Tour Vagabonde »

Mahadev Cometo & K-soul @ La Tour Vagabonde,
Fribourg, Sept 9, 2017

Mahadev Cometo presenting his new album « Freedom »
boosted by K-soul’s holokinetic paintings!

Below extracts of Mahadev playing «Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra»:
Alap, Masitkhani gat, Razakhani gat and Jhala,
– plus an extra Jhala-Fadeout (clip #7).

Details: Event-List

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Summerdance in September, Mokka, 2017

Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band

Cafe Bar Mokka, Sept 8, 2017

Four years after their first show as «Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band» – here they are again at the open air «Mokka Summerdance, Vol. 2» (s. Video : Jan 5, 2013).

Mich Gerber: Double-bass
Mahadev Cometo – Al Comet: Sitar, Electronics
Wolfi Zwiauer (Züri West): Mandocello, Bass, Electronics
Andi Pupato (Stiller Has): Percussion

s. Even-List

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All Star Jam Band au Jardin Instinctif, 2017

Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band
In Paradise !

August 26, 2017
1845 Noville, Aigle
At the Jardin Instinctif
Details, s Event-List (Aug 26, 2017)

Pics From Mich Gerber’s Facebook Page

Pics shot by Barbara Hell on this very special evening.
Portraits (left to right):
Andy Pupato – percussion
Wolfi Zwiauer – mandocello
Mahadev Cometo – sitar
Mich Gerber – double bass.

1’001 thanx to Barbara – michgerber.ch
More pics on Mich Gerber’s Official Facebook-Page |  FB-pics

All pics (c) barbara@michgerber.ch

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Mahadev Cometo & K-soul, Basel 2017

Mahadev Cometo & K-soul
@ The SommerResidenz, Basel

sommerresidenz we are openMahadev Cometo presented his new album «Freedom» topped with K-soul’s holokinetic paintings.

Sunday, Aug 6, 2017, 21:00, Basel,
at the very special SommerResidenz

Mahadev Cometo : sitar, electronics
K-soul : holokinetic partition / paintings

Details, s. Event-List

BAZ, Tagestipps, Aug 5, 2017 [pdf, 170 Kb]
Message to the BAZ:
No, Mahadev is not born in Wales, s. BIO
…and «.com» is our TLD, not «.ch»

All pics, except the first, thanx to Facebook Sommerresidenz

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