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The New Album Is Out.
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2014 June – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

Month: June 2014

Bad Bonn, Kilbi 2014

A night flight above the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival
Saturday, mai 31 around 11 pm. Film and music © al comet 2014
A planet mars production

Another drone flight over the festival area by Mahadev Cometo, 2014
Raw material – music by the drone ;-

Live at Haberhaus, SH

Haberhaus SHUne soirée spéciale avec Mahadev Cometo (sitar, electronics), Bertrand Siffert (sound and samplers) et Jean-Louis Gafner (projections).

Du sitar, des projections psychédéliques et un son des plus planant pour l’occasion.

recorded live at
Haberhaus Beiz Bar Kulturklub
Schaffhausen, 14. Juni 2014

Video, live, s Youtube Channel (on this site)
Listen on SoundCloud, – and read the comments…