First Stay in India, – Nov 2011
Mahadev Cometo And Friends

Mahadev Cometo, Rajaneesh Tiwari, Hari Paudyal, Jean-Louis Gafner et Bertrand Siffert dans une performance live au bord du Gange à Assighat / Assi Ghat, Varanasi, novembre 17, 2011. More, s. Gallery Nepal-India.

Raag Shivaranjani

You may compare this «Raag Shivaranjani» (2011) with the «Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra» on the new album FREEDOM, released, May 2107!

Raag Shivaranjani, part 1

Raag Shivaranjani, part 2

Raag Shivaranjani, part 3

Check out another goodie,
same place, – 3 years later:  Concert at Assi Ghat, Varanasi, 2014

« Les vagues »

Same crew, same place, 2011, «Les vagues»:


« Lyoba »

Same crew, same place, 2011, Mahadev Cometo playing «Lyoba»,
a mythical song of the Gruyères Alpine herdsmen.

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