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The New Album Is Out.
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Various Projects – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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Playing with Superterz

Insomina Sessions Flyer

Great fun playing with Superterz at the Insomnia-Sessions at the photobastei.ch
Jan 21 and 29, 2017

Details, please check these events:
Day 21 | Day 29

The Very Wild Card session, Sept 30, 2017

@0:38 … participants …

Bad Bonn Raag

Mahadev Cometo playing « Bad Bonn Raag ».
Bad Bonn Raag ➝ Bad Bonn Songbook ➝ Edition Patrick Frey
A Planète mars production, Marly 2015

same on YouTube
site of the « Bad Bonn Songbook »: bbsongbook.ch


more videos, s. gallery/videos

Raag Shivaranjani, 2011

First Stay in India, – Nov 2011
Mahadev Cometo And Friends

Mahadev Cometo, Rajaneesh Tiwari, Hari Paudyal, Jean-Louis Gafner et Bertrand Siffert dans une performance live au bord du Gange à Assighat / Assi Ghat, Varanasi, novembre 17, 2011. More, s. Gallery Nepal-India.

Raag Shivaranjani

You may compare this «Raag Shivaranjani» (2011) with the «Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra» on the new album FREEDOM, released, May 2107!

Raag Shivaranjani, part 1

Raag Shivaranjani, part 2

Raag Shivaranjani, part 3

Check out another goodie,
same place, – 3 years later:  Concert at Assi Ghat, Varanasi, 2014

« Les vagues »

Same crew, same place, 2011, «Les vagues»:


« Lyoba »

Same crew, same place, 2011, Mahadev Cometo playing «Lyoba»,
a mythical song of the Gruyères Alpine herdsmen.

More videos on our YouTube Channel or use the search (searching for ‘video’).

Deutsche Welle, Wieso nicht?

Wieso nicht?

A Radio Language Learning Program

Wieso nicht? Ein Radiosprachprogramm, Begleitheft 1998 (Abb. Cover)

Listen scenes of everyday life in Germany based on literary models of:

Direction: Martin Müller, Script: Markus Wicker,
Music: Alain Monod (sound carpets), Betrand Siffert

Studio production: Deutsche Welle, Köln.
Co-Production: Goethe-Institut, Deutsche Welle, Inter Nationes, (c) 1998
Sorry, no ISBN

Read more about the project on dw.com/en
Listen sound on iTunes

Albertville 1992 Winter Olympics

Opening Ceremony
Winter Olympic Games

Albertville, France, Feb 1992


Al Comets song «Plus d’accordéon», s. album L.A.D., was selected for the opening ceremony of the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville.

«Plus d’accordéon» a été choisi pour la cérémonie d’ouverture des Jeux olympiques d’hiver de 1992 à Albertville.

Al Comet: Plus d’Accordéon

Extract of the opening ceremony, Albertville 1992

For nostalgics: www.olympicchannel.com

Audio ref: Track 11 on the CD “Cérémonies d’ouverture et de clôture des XVIe Jeux Olympiques D’Hiver Albertville 1992”, by XIII BIS Records, details: discog

➝ Read this comment by Superterz relating to Albertville ; –

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