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Drone & Video – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

Category: Drone & Video

New video by Trig Fardust: «Jhala», part 4 of the album «Freedom»

New video by Trig Fardust
Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra
Part 4 « Jhala »

Video: Trig Fardust (October 2018) – trigger.ch | YouToube Channel
Music: Mahadev Cometo

See video & details in our gallery: videos/freedom-video.

Fri-Son 2015 – Drone View

Portrait du Fri-Son

Taken from a drone flight by Mahadev Cometo commissioned by the Fri-Son, Fribourg 2015.

A Planet Mars Production

more, s. gallery/videos/other-videos

Mount Teide

Mich Gerber playing on Mount Teide
– as seen by Mahadev’s drone !

Mich Gerber playing “Corvus”, a piece composed for a medieval theater play.
Solo space bass orchestra.

Camera: Mahadev Cometo – Al Comet
Produced by Moritz Schneider – michgerber.ch

Tenerife, Jan,  2015

Teide, a sacred mountain to the aboriginal Guanches, Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. Its 3’718-metre (12,198 ft) summit is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic, – says Wikipedia

Music-Project, s. Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band

Bad Bonn, Kilbi 2014

A night flight above the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival
Saturday, mai 31 around 11 pm. Film and music © al comet 2014
A planet mars production

Another drone flight over the festival area by Mahadev Cometo, 2014
Raw material – music by the drone ;-

Hauterive, Fribourg

Relaxing areal view of the abbey and the valley of Hauterive.
Camera, flying, cut, mix and sound by Mahadev Cometo.
Hauterive, feb/mars 2014.
Duration: 15 min.

This is a minified (640×480) and heavily compressed version but still suited for fullsize view.

A Planet Mars Production
more, s. gallery/videos/other-videos


es ist wenig, was ich verlange…

Movie from ’68

Inspired by wolfdietrich schnurre, kassiber und neue gedichte

production & cut 1968/69
martin müller & armin wey
camera: armin wey – directing: martin müller

wolfdietrich schnurre, kassiber und neue gedichte, suhrkamp 1964
Messages clandestins et nouveaux poèmes. Traduit par R. Bécousse, Paris, Noah 1986

new production + sound 2016
reading: martin müller
music by mms-music, alpsommer 4 (2015): andri lieberherr, gian lieberherr, andreas müller, martin müller, nico zumstein, franziska lantz

mix 2016
alain monod & martin müller, 2016
planete mars production, fribourg / marly