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Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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Théâtre des Osses – Café littéraire, Sept 2018

Mahadev Cometo aux Théâtre des Osses

Café littéraire
« La poésie indienne contemporaine »

Sept 19 and 20, 2018, ~19h30
CHF 25.- / Students younger then 26: CHF 20.-

With Anne Jenny, Olivier Havran, Isabelle Gremaud, Mahadev Cometo Al Comet…

Théâtre des Osses

Photo Nathalie Jeannet 25.02.2017

Les billets sont à retirer le soir-même à la caisse du théâtre. Les places ne sont pas numérotées.
Ouverture de la caisse et du RestoBar 1 h 30 avant le début de la représentation.
Restauration au RestoBar, réservation souhaitée.
Ouverture de la salle : 30 minutes avant le début du spectacle.

Et ce soir-là, au RestoBar, Marie Leibzig et Amélie Currat nous feront voyager avec un menu spécial tout en épices, aux parfums et aux couleurs indiennes!

Sous l’impulsion et dans une mise en lecture d’Isabelle-Loyse Gremaud, ce café littéraire est une invitation à découvrir une partie de la poésie contemporaine indienne. Aux sons du sitar de Mahadev Cometo, Olivier Havran et Anne Jenny prêteront leurs voix à quelques poètes contemporains majeurs. Parmi eux Kedarnath Singh au merveilleux regard enfantin qui n’a pas oublié que, dans son école, l’éclosion d’une fleur indiquait l’heure de midi. Ou encore Arun Kolatkar qui, pendant plus de quinze ans, assis à la même terrasse de café, a observé, enregistré, retranscrit le spectacle que lui offrait la place Kala Ghoda. Dans le Bombay multilingue, multiculturel et multiconfessionnel, ce « génie méconnu » nous fait entendre sa ville bruissante de paroles, de mémoires et de micros-histoires.

Mahadev Cometo @ Keltenhaus – Guggisberg, Aug 2018

Mahadev Cometo @ «Celtic Festival»
Guggisberg, Aug 18, 2018

Mahadev Cometo playing Raag Shivaranjani Super Mishra (album «Freedom»), Raag Svar Mandala Marva … and Lioba … and lots of strange noises!

Keltenhaus - Stele

Click to see my full height, – in a new tab

The first big festival at the Keltenhaus [Celtic House] took place in 1993. It was the inauguration party for the successful construction of the Celtic House, s. images below. And because it was so beautiful, it was again carried out the next year. This is how the tradition of the annual summer highlight “Celtic Festival” was born, which is still going on every August…

Like Zaffaraya, Keltenhaus has no sponsors and organizes the festival on a voluntary basis!

Program 2018 [PDF, 250Kb] – keltenhaus.ch

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Keltenhaus – Little Woodstock, Aug 2018

Mahadev Cometo @ the Keltenhaus

Saturday, Aug 18, 2018 ~11.30 a.m.

Keltenhaus Guggisberg

click shows bigger pic

Felistutz, Hirschmatt
3158 Guggisberg
++41 (0)31 735 50 76

keltenhaus.ch | Festival 17.-19. Aug. 2018

Mahadev Cometo on stage:
~11.30 a.m.(!) – opening day two.

See after the show!

Psy-Fi Festival 2018, NL

Psy-Fi Festival 2018
A Shamanic Experience

With Mahadev Cometo & Master Margherita
Aug 16, 2018


click shows bigger pic

« Psy-fi » owes it’s name to the never solved question “what’s real”? When we enter alternative realities through meditation, music, psychedelics or any other means, are they sci-fi, or just as real as our ordinary state of reality?
That’s always been a big part of the psychedelic experience.

Festival Aug 15 – 19, 2018
«De Groene Ster» Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Tickets: psy-fi.nl/tickets (partially sold out!)

Videos with Mahadev Cometo & Master Margherita:
Svar Mandala Marva | Bairagi Raag

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Mahadev Cometo @ Zaffaraya 2018

Mahadev Cometo playing @ Zaffaraya 2018

Bern July 31 / Aug 1st, 2018
A fantasic and unique festival. I’m feeling honoured to be invited!

Zaffaraya is celebrating its 33rd anniversary.
The big Fiesta starts at 16 o’clock and takes place in favor of Syriaid.

Hallelujah Mother Helper, S.O.S, Adieu Gary Cooper, Al Comet aka Mahadev Cometo, La Redada, DJ Daddy Cool, DJs Suave y Severo and Magic Henä. Children are welcome, whether small or adult, see you later! [Ron Orp]

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Mahadev @ Zaffaraya, Bern 2018

Cometo – Zaff
Mahadev Cometo playing @ Zaffaraya

Mahadev Cometo invited to play at the «Zaff» .
Bern, July 31th, 2018


Zaffaraya – (c) annesophiekeller.ch

On stage: ~ 23h or ~24h !

…and have a look at Wikipedia
if Zaff is not in your dictionary.


After the concert:
» zaffaraya-2018

Boom Festival 2018 – Sacred Fire

Mahadev Cometo feat. Master Margherita
Boom Festival 2018

  • July 25, 2018 @ 21:00 CHILL OUT GARDENS / featuring K-Soul
  • July 26, 2018 Sound Journey on BEING FIELDS (time to be confirmed) solo sitar electronica
  • July 27, 2018 @ 22:00 SACRED FIRE  – MUSIC CONCERTS

Master Margherita & Mahadev Cometo –
Playing Raag Marva

Boom Festival
6060-182 Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
Boom-Location at 6060-011 Alcafozes: GoogleMap

boom sacred-fire music concerts

click shows bigger pic – © Boom

Raag Marva

As the melodic framework in classical Indian music, the Raag is defined as the act of ‘colouring or dyeing the mind with any feeling of passion, especially love, affection, sympathy, intense desire, interest, joy or delight’. – With this concert Mahadev Cometo & Master Margherita will integrate this definition of a Raag within a more open and syncretistic approach. Using modern instruments to blend technology with the original vision of a traditional Raag.

The color of Raag Marva will stimulate the listeners to go beyond their boundaries, and navigate in a deep meditative state, abstract yet deep, very much similar to free jazz or western experimental music. The musicians on stage will thus have the possibility to open into improvised noises and explorations, to travel into experimental territories but always keeping a strong melodic tone.

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