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Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

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White Planet Video

« White Planet»  by Al Comet, 2004

Recorded at Boa Studio by Al Comet
Produced and mixed at Relief Studio by Al Comet, Bertrand Siffert, Ruflu Johnes.
» album White Planet

« The Safe House » Track #2 of White Planet

Comments: “ah fond!”,  “al comet c’est vraiment trop bon” …

« Human Experiment » Track #6 of White Planet

ca 2003/2004, video by Sibylle DeLuxe

Comments: “ohhh very nice….”


Other videos

MTV Interview 1991 – Flyin’ High

Journalists from MTV London  interviewing Al Comet after the Europe Pirat Tour  (MTV airing videos from Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails or Björk at the time!).
Topped by a flight with Al Comet’s father piloting the journalist crew  filming Al Comet free style stunts in the second plane, – wing to wing!

Short version:

Al Comet and Betrand Siffert in one plane,
the filming crew in the other, – Fribourg-Ecuvillens.
Album and tracks » Europ Pirat Tour.

Talking about planes and pilots, – have a look at the Hunter Gallery.

Portrait du Fri-Son 2015

Taken from a drone flight by Mahadev Cometo.
Details and video: Portrait du Fri-Son

Areal view of the abbey of Hauterive 2014

Taken from a drone flight by Mahadev Cometo.
Details and video: Areal view of the abbey of Hauterive

Mahadev playing « Bad Bonn Raag »

Playing at home for Bad Bonn’s Songbook, Marly 2015
View Mahadev playing «Bad Bonn Raag»

Mahadev playing with friends

Playing with Rajaneesh Tiwari, Hari Paudyal, live au bord du Gange, Varanasi, 2011.
View Mahadev playing with friends.

Al Comet – Egg Shaker

TYG unplugged at the centre culturel suisse in Paris 2008 03 17.
Al Comet, who in the normal course of things makes almost all the noise at Young Gods concerts, applies himself singlemindedly here to setting egg shaker accents during the refrain of ‘Charlotte’.  [text: ‘doceddi’ on YouTube]

s. gallery TYG unplugged with Sophie Hunger, Paris 2008


You’ll find more videos and movies in Projects > Drone & Video
or use the search (on the BLOG page) and search for ‘video‘.



A collection of videos about or made by Al Comet aka Mahadev Cometo

Check submenus of this page: Gallery > Videos:

Drone-videos by Al Comet: Projects > Drone & Video
Videos with Al Comet: Piloting a Hunter
… and many more in separate posts, search for ‘video’.

Sitarday Video

« Sitarday » the 4th solo album by Al Comet, 2000

Recorded by Al Comet at Boa Studio
Mixed by Bertrand Siffert, Benedict Saillet and Al Comet at Relief Studio
» album Sitarday

« Sitardayvideo » 3’50”, 2001

Video clip « Lioba  »

Video: Alain Favre, more Alain Favre – Al Comet.
Music: Al Comet, playing « Lioba » the melody that brought Swiss soldiers to tears when fighting in foreign lands…

As somebody noted:

This time the comet is heading towards the sun, native of the guitar, to the first vibrating string on a cleverly empty content.

Up the axis of good:
Ogoz, Andalusia, Turkey, Pakistan to Bollywood. Al Comet on a flying carpet in the West is moving the digital science of electrons, flying over cities and countryside.

The left engine is the reason, the right engine, intuition.

Comet replaces oil by levitate pushing us again and again forward: In the sky, arms outstretched, the Third Eye wide open!

Psy-Fi Festival 2018, NL

Psy-Fi Festival 2018
A Shamanic Experience

With Mahadev Cometo & Master Margherita

Psy-Fi festival 2018« Psy-fi » owes it’s name to the never solved question “what’s real”? When we enter alternative realities through meditation, music, psychedelics or any other means, are they sci-fi, or just as real as our ordinary state of reality?
That’s always been a big part of the psychedelic experience.

Aug 15 – 19, 2018
«De Groene Ster» Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Tickets: psy-fi.nl/tickets (partially sold out!)

Videos with Mahadev Cometo & Master Margherita:
Svar Mandala Marva | Bairagi Raag



«De Groene Ster», Groningerstraatweg, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, at the same amazing location as the last editions.Psi-Fi Festival aerial view

Close to the city of Leeuwarden lays a beautiful green oasis with ancient forests, sunny beaches, swim lakes and quiet places.

GPS: 53.213259, 5.868251


Psy-Fi Festival 2017 – Chill out vibes2

Boom Festival 2018 – Sacred Fire

Mahadev Cometo feat. Master Margherita
Boom Festival 2018

  • July 25, 2018 @ 21:00 CHILL OUT GARDENS / featuring K-Soul
  • July 26, 2018 Sound Journey on BEING FIELDS (time to be confirmed) solo sitar electronica
  • July 27, 2018 @ 22:00 SACRED FIRE / featuring Master Margherita

More details, – soon.

Boom Festival 2018 sacred fireSACRED FIRE

«You have escaped the cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now fly.»
– Rumi

Fly into the enchanted forest at low altitude to meditate, contemplate and allow GROUNDATION to activate. The organic composition of the Sacred Fire is a pure labour of LOVE.

More: www.boomfestival.org…/sacred-fire/

Boom Festival
6060-182 Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Have a look at Mahadev Cometo’s first concerts @ the Boom, back in 2014

Videos, Mahadev Cometo & Master Margherita: Svar Mandala Marva | Bairagi Raag

Mahadev live @ Urgence Disk, Bongo Joe & Dig’It Records

Mahadev Comet – Concert sitar full acoustic

Full acoustic concert @ urgencedisk.ch, bongojoe.ch & digitrecords.ch,
Geneva, Dec 21, 22 and 23, 2017.

Mahadev Playing by Jack La Menace Davet

Electronica-sitar de la bombe
by Jack La Menace Davet

Big thanks to everybody.
I enjoyed the accoustic concert very much, – with you!

J’ai passé 3 jours fantastiques à Genève – Merci à vous tous qui avez participé à cette aventure. Merci tout spécial à Dam Von Smock, Jack La Menace Davet, Joe Bongo.
A vous tous et toutes, bonnes fêtes.
Peace-Love-Rock’n’roll. Al.

Pics and video from Mahadev’s FB,
thanx to Dam Von Smock and Karl Lovblad!

Mahadev Cometo Live @ Bongo Joe Records

Dec 22, 2017

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