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2013 January – Mahadev Cometo

Mahadev Cometo — A planete mars production

Month: January 2013

Mahadev Cometo – The Book – Truce Verlag


«Meine Absicht war es nie wie Ravi Shankar zu spielen, ich wurde in der Schweiz geboren und meine Wurzeln sind eher die Jodelmusik als indischer Raga»

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All Star Jam Band

Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band

All Star Jam Band

All Star Jam Band – (c) michgerber.ch

This project brings together Swiss musicians with very varied artistic funds.
Mich Gerber on bass, Andy Pupato percussion, Wolfgang Zwiauer on mandocello / e-bass and Al Comet, aka Mahadev Cometo, sitar meet to improvise on compositions by Mich Gerber.
Project description Mich Gerber feat. Al Comet [pdf, 960 Kb, from sunmusic.ch]

All Star Jam Band

All Star Jam Band – (c) michgerber.ch

In Short

The very different musical influences of each member of the group is travelling through a multitude of different worlds, – at the pleasure of the moment.

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